Fund-raising campaign to aid biodiversity in South Cameroon

The diversity and ecology of termite communities in South Cameroon, as well as sustainable agriculture and the conservation of biodiversity in the face of ongoing Global climate change are central to the work of the Termite Research Team at the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences CZU, Prague. We are searching for ways to improve local agricultural practices, as only sustainable agriculture will help stop the dramatic decline in natural tropical biomes.

Personal experience from working in the rainforests of the Congo basin led to the idea of participating in educational programmes in the area. The first donor, an elementary school in Únětice, decided to help the local elementary school in Ebogo. This support allowed for the purchase of teaching aids for one out of two classes of the school for one year.

Our aim is to save a valuable piece of nature in South Cameroon, and we depend on respect and help from the local community, as well as the education of future generations, explains the project leader, prof. Jan Šobotník from the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences. “The villagers are poor, and although they don’t suffer tarvation, they can hardly make more than 2 U$ a day. Therefore even the low costs related to children's education are unobtainable for many families. Support for the children is one of the logical means to protect natural habitats from the negative impacts of a growing human population,” says Jan Šobotník.

Why support EBOGO? Why termites?

  • Sustaining the remains of natural forests
  • Termites recycle dead plant matter, and maintain the fertility of tropical soils
  • Local forests host the highest recorded diversity of termites (at least 250 species)
  • Three termite genera new to science were discovered in a small piece of forest
  • Support for local farming communities and improvement of agricultural processes for the farmers' benefit through sustainable land management
  • Inclusion of local communities in research and developmental projects – the change starts with children – education – initial costs

More about Termite Research Team:



Movie The World According to Termites made partially in Ebogo and surrounding forests, winner of the 7th Life Sciences Film Festival (2017) and Vaasa category Science (2018).

Donation request:

We would like to ask for both your attention and your contribution to our developmental-educational-conservational activities in South Cameroon. Our activities start with our termite research, but are increasingly oriented towards sustainable development through improved agricultural practices and support of children's education in Ebogo and surrounding villages. If you decide to contribute, please use our transparent account No. 2902001431/2010 (IBAN: CZ5620100000002902001431, BIC/SWIFT: FIOBCZPPXXX) of the Termite Research Team (see 100% of the donations will be split between the Ebogo school, in support of sustainable agricultural practices and rent of part of a private forest near Ebogo village.

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