First Museum of Termites in the world!

Termite Research Team (Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences, CULS) opened the first Museum of Termites in the world! 

Laboratoř at Czech Radio

Assoc. Prof. Jan Šobotník was together with Prof. Vojtěch Novotný guest of Laboratoř at Czech Radio

The World According to Termites achieved another award

Our movie on termites, which is historically the first Czech winner of Life Science Film Festival, reached another important award.

New drywood termite with snapping mandibles

Termites have developed a wide array of defensive mechanisms.

Rampant Host Switching Shaped the Termite Gut Microbiome

Article: Rampant host switching shaped the termite gut microbiome.

LSFF 2017 Grand Prix goes to termites

LSFF 2017 Grand Prix was awarded to a Czech film "The World According to Termites" of the director Jan Hošek. It was handed to him by rector of the CULS, prof. Jiří Balík, together with cameraman Marián Polák and councelor Jan Šobotník.

Coptotermes (Rhinotermitidae) revision

Coptotermes Wasmann (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae) is one of the most economically important subterranean termite genera..

Ants Eavesdropping of Termite

Predators can intercept their prey using specific signals of a different nature.

Ultimate phylogenesis of Termitidae

Derivation of termites from the family Termitidae are key species and ecosystem engineers in the tropics.

Movie The World According to Termites

Prof. Šobotník participated at shooting documentary movie The World According to Termites.

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